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In Series Two of this highly acclaimed BBC One drama, Thomas asks Lizzie to seduce a military officer as a distraction at Epsom Races despite their past conflicts; although she resents Thomas for upending her life and accepting this job offers. But when the officer attempts to force himself on her without being stopped, she is forced to kill him in self-defence. Later she informs John at the Garrison Pub where they both smoke cocaine and heroin respectively. Lizzie met Gustavson at Epsom Racecourse where they agreed on a job that involved playing the role of prostitute for him. Co-defendant Crimi-Appleby helped freeze Gustavson’s leg so it had to be amputated on 21 February 2019 due to lack of blood flow, necessitating surgery. Both defendants admitted conspiring against each other for gross bodily harm resulting in his leg requiring an amputation which was scheduled for 28 March at Snaresbrook Crown Court where they face minimum jail terms of two years each time before being sentenced by Snaresbrook Crown Court on 28 March for conspiracy to commit mutilation and gross bodily harm; it will likely come before Snaresbrook Crown Court when sentenced.