Early Invention of Love Dolls

Everything under the sun has its roots and origin including human beings and animals. Although we all have different beliefs of where we have come from and our roots, the important thing is that we all have our history. In the same way, even the synthetic girls commonly known as sex robots or adult dolls, also have their roots. Where they started from is not where they are today in both quality and functionality. Today, they are more human than they were in 17th century when the first one was invented.

The History of Sex Dolls

Real dolls were first invented in the 17th century by sailors who used a doll to relieve their sexual tension or starvation during long sea voyages. The first sex doll was made of cloth and didn’t have much to offer the sailors. However, since that is the only thing they had at the moment, they appreciated it just as it was. The sex dolls only worked as masturbatory tools that helped the sailors feel more satisfied.

These dolls were later sold to the Japanese people and it is where the term “Dutch Wives” was invented. In 1908, things started changing for the best and there was appearance of the first manufactured sex doll. Although it still had some artificial limitations, it was far much better than what the sailors used to masturbate. The manufactured sex doll had features like a real woman only that her body was not as strong as human body.

With time, more and love dolls were invented and by the 19th century, there was the invention of a life-sized doll. The sex puppets were then invented in the 1930s which gave birth to the more realistic love dolls we have today. The designs are however changing and a new invention tends to add a new and better feature to the doll than its predecessor.


In the past, the sale and use of sex doll was done in secret but things are changing with time. Today, they are openly sold in the shops and people are importing and exporting them comfortably like any other products.